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Areas of Expertise

Transformational Life Coaching

Receive guidance and support during your Personal Evolution. Discover the root cause of energetic blockages, patterns and behaviors. With the goal to Incorporate self love and self care routines as a daily lifestyle. Co Creating your best life ever! This 60 minute session is available In person, via ZOOM online or via telephone.

Intuitive Reading

Receive guidance for a specific question or a general reading that touches on self care, relationships, career and spiritual development. Whatever God wants you to know! 20 minutes via ZOOM Online or via Telephone.


Awaken and align your true beliefs with abundance in this 60 minute session. In person, via ZOOM online or via telephone.

My Approach

My Approach

I will assist you in discovering and understanding your energetic blocks, patterns & behaviors (of the mind) that give the illusion of being "stuck". Through feeling and understanding your feelings, these energetic blocks, patterns & behaviors will be released and healed.


You are building a relationship with your Heart, Mind and Body. As this relationship within grows, you will become happier and healthier. You will trust the "Vibes" & your intuition. Based on your "Feelings", avoiding unnecessary suffering and struggling. Following your intuition and feelings; investing in things that bring you Joy.


Saying NO, to ALL that robs you of your Joy. This is when Living & Life truly begin!



"The mind is the greatest power in all of creation."

~J.B. Rhine


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