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I AM Nation Proclamation

Let us give abundant thanks to Spirit for all it has accomplished in us and for us. We embrace and proclaim the establishment of the I AM Nation for all on Earth.

The I AM Nation is not a place. It is a pledge of consciousness and actions. I Am Nation citizens are those who think, feel and act as spiritual beings in a physical body. They are of every religion, philosophy, gender, country, race, age, profession and craft, social status.

They are striving unconditionally to be the high Self, the Christ Self, the I am that I Am. They automatically are a network of light which circles the globe, sending and receiving the thoughts of faith, strength, love, wisdom, will, power, imagination, understanding, order, zeal, regeneration, and elimination. They radiate these spiritual thoughts to every living creature on our beloved planet Earth.

They are quiet families and homes, schools, communities. They work in every business, profession, and public service where they strive to bring equality, fairness, higher standards into every aspect of their efforts here and now.

There is no formal membership or dues to learn how to evolve, deliberately into conscious and unified citizens of the I Am Nation. We have spoken the word of Truth and set the tone. So now we will be it!

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