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Genette Brush

Love & Consciousness Coach

Hello & Welcome!

As a Love & Consciousness Coach with extensive experience, I specialize in helping others access their inner qualities, harnessing the power of their Mind. I understand that making lifestyle changes can be incredibly challenging. I am here to offer support, accountability and guidance. My mission is to help individuals in overcoming challenges, taking charge of their lives, and reaching their fullest potential. If you are ready to transform your life and unleash your highest potential, lets connect!


Areas of Expertise

Love/Consciousness 1:1 Coaching • LMT • Intuitive Reading • Medical Intuitive •    Energy Intuitive Practitioner 

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We have Feelings for a REASON. We are energetic beings. We are a vibrational frequency. Our "Feelings" help Guide AND Assist us along the waves of life to Avoid unnecessary suffering & struggling. Our "Feelings" go hand in hand with our Intuition.


Our bodies are always communicating with us by how we FEEL. Every illness, pain and dis-ease is the consequence of not honoring our True Self. Of not allowing out true self to be seen. Being and doing what others think, feel and believe we should be or we should be doing. 

YOU are not like any other human being. You are YOU. For a REASON & with a PURPOSE. Discovering your Reason & your Purpose will Transform your Life AND your World. 

Are you ready to surrender to your True Spirit? Creating your best life ever, in a world of infinite possibilities? If you are ready to live a better life, Schedule your appointment today.

I look forward to connecting with you.



Contact Me

It's easy to connect! 

5858 East Molloy Road 

Suite 159

Syracuse, New York 13211

(315) 415-2945

Thank You with LOVE!

As a Medical Intuitive I assist you in discovering the energy blocks causing physical pain, illness and dis-ease. I do not diagnose, prescribe or interfere with a diagnosis of a licensed medical professional. Healing lore information and my services are for personal growth, spiritual development and self healing.

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